Dumb Fuckery

Spoken Word Lyrics by M. Yakini

Song Lyrics by M. Yakini and S. Winter Chaney

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We’ll never follow you

With that dumb fuckery

Snatched off the blindfolds

We were blind now we see

The lock has been opened

And we got the key

Fuck outta here with that dumb fuckery!

Take several seats with that dumb fuckery

Your digitized lies can’t hypnotize me

The die has been cast

We gonna be free

Fuck outta here with that dumb fuckery!


We’ve been going through this for a long time

Still it always turns out the same

The deck is stacked so you’re the winner

Have no doubt

I’m tired of playing this losers game

That shit is over

Dumb fuckery


I’m just trying to live my life doing right

Everyone is struggling to survive

This hard times it ain’t right

Fighting day after day

Like we’re still slavin’

I’m here to tell you, you and you


That shit is over

Dumb fuckery


I break my back 

You reap the profit

I buy your stuff

You own the store

Seems like every time that I see you

I walk with less

And you walk with more


That shit is over

Dumb fuckery

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