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We Enter

Lyrics by M. Yakini

mollywop speaker-256.png

And so

It came to pass

They emerged from triple darkness

Like warrior spermatozoa

Racing toward the fertile womb of your mind

Afro-pasts, Afro-presents and Afro-futures

Collapsed into a timeless void

Where the mind controllers no longer hold sway

Astro-Black mythologies

Great-grandmother’s herbal recipes

The spiral in your DNA

Those long gone

Still show the way

The people had sunk

To the deepest depths of lunacy

Chasing shiny objects,

Coughing up hairballs

And asking automatons, “are you my mother?

And so, it had to be

Light, sound, vibration made manifest

Waking the comatose giant

From a deep, deep sleep

Mollywop! has arrived

To metaphorically smack you upside yo’ head!

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